Vertical Jump & Agility Training

Take your game to new heights!

Athletes who have completed the following 12-week vertical jump program over the past year have added between 4-12 inches to their vertical jump! 

The below Vertical Jump & Agility Training Program consists of three consecutive phases spanning over twelve weeks, with one week rest periods between each phase. 

Over the course of the program athletes not only will condition to increase their vertical jump capabilities, but they will also do a variety of speed work and change of direction drills to help them get their feet to the ball. As the program progresses light ball handling for hitting and digging will be incorporated into the drills. 


Single phase sign-ups are welcome, however to get the full benefits of the program it is recommended that athletes complete all 12-weeks and are diligent in doing the homework that the coach assigns.  

Congratulation to the following athletes who completed the full 12 week program:

Sara Elledge +5"    Sarah Cawley +6"   Claire Christonson +5"    Keira Gossett +6"

Zoe Aulter +5"     Kaili Brunke +5"    Hannah Johnson +4"   Krisily Baumgarner +5"

The Schedule is as follows:


@ Vacaville Indoor Sports Complex

3777 Vaca Valley Pkwy 95688

Phase ONE: (3 weeks) TBA


Phase TWO: (3 weeks) TBA


Phase THREE: (3 weeks) TBA


*Vertical jump measurements will be taken at the beginning of each phase and one week following the conclusion of the program.