The Vacaville Extreme Volleyball Club (VEX) is a competitive junior volleyball program for young women ages 8 – 18.  We strive to provide a program that promotes the development of volleyball skills along with good sportsmanship.  VEX provides an environment where young athletes can develop teamwork, leadership, and confidence all while improving their volleyball skills.


Travel volleyball is a significant commitment of time, dedication and resources by both players and their families.  While it is understood an occasional conflict will arise, it is the expectation of VEX is that when a player commits to a team they will attend all scheduled practices and tournaments.  Commitment is a promise to be loyal; it’s having the attitude of an athlete for ones self and her team.  Being committed to the sport of volleyball also means you strive to improve your fundamental skills, and are a good teammate to every other player on your team, on and off the court.


Playing Time

The goal of VEX is to provide technical coaching and competitive playing opportunities to each player on a team.  Athlete's will be competing for their spot on a team at tryouts, and will be competing for a spot on the court at practices. It is our goal to play the strongest team possible. Playing time in a tournament must be earned each and every match.  Playing time is determined in several ways, including:  skill level, position played, the number of substitutions available in a set, timely attendance at practices, effort demonstrated at practices, behavior and attitude at practices and tournaments, and attitude towards the game, the coach, the team, tournament officials, and other teams. 


If a player or their parent has questions or concerns about playing time, the player should voice their concerns directly with the head coach.  A player who would like to earn more play time should seek out specific coaching and feedback during practices to help improve their skill level. 

It is the Head Coach's decision who earns a spot in the starting line-up on their team and how they develop each player into becoming an integral part of the team. Please do not corner a coach during competition in regards to  these types of decisions. If a parent chooses to ignore this policy, his/her child may be suspended from participation in tournaments or practices as per coach’s/club director’s discretion.

Parents are  asked to encourage their athlete to talk to the coach about concerns about playing time, skill progress, etc. to help their athlete find their voice. Concerns by parents beyond those handled by the player and coach should be brought to the coach after a 24-hour cool down period preferably by phone or e-mail, away from the practice or tournament site. A conference can be arranged if necessary. If satisfaction is not obtained after discussion or meeting with the coach, parents should contact the club director who will decide if further action needs to be taken.

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