Private/Small Group Lessons for VEX Athletes

                        1- Athlete=  $75 per hour max*

                        2- Athletes= $50 each per hour max*

                        3- Athletes= $40 each per hour max*

   4- Athletes= $30 each per hour*

We recommend having more than one athlete present at a lesson. This allows adequate rest time between ball touches.

All VEX athletes and coaches are required to have a current NCVA membership and an AAU Extended Coverage Membership with VEX designated as their club to attend a private or small group lesson.

All athletes attending a private or small group lesson must be in good financial standing with the club and are currently attending regular scheduled team practices.

To avoid conflicts of interest VEX Coaches are not permitted to offer private/small group lessons to athletes on their own teams during the NCVA Club season.

Due to Court Availability and other club scheduled programs, these extra lessons are only available on Sundays.

DISCLAIMER: VEX athletes who schedule personal lessons with VEX coaches without Club approval do so at their own risk, as the coach is operating independently outside of the Club, and is not covered by NCVA or AAU insurance. All liability will be the responsibility of the Coach, and or Athlete, and or parent.




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Vacaville Extreme, Inc. (VEX) is a  501(c)3 non-profit competitive junior volleyball program for young women ages 11 – 18.  We strive to provide a program that promotes the development of volleyball skills along with good sportsmanship.  VEX provides an environment where young athletes can develop teamwork, leadership, and confidence all while improving their volleyball skills.

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